The Promise of the Comforter

Jesus in his farewell address to his disciples promised them the gift of another comforter or helper like him to be in them and with them.

Imagine that night. In a few hours from the time he spoke, he would be betrayed with a kiss and arrested. All of his best friends would be scattered. One of his best men would deny knowing him. Suddenly the lives of his closest friends were going to be disrupted.

Then would come his hour of bleeding to death on the cross. His flock of sheep would lose their shepherd.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

But there was this promise—the gift from the Father in heaven. The Comforter: A guide to show you the way forward, a counsellor to give you wisdom, a helper to give your inaudible sighs and groans a voice that will surely be heard by God, and when you fail and falter and fall down an advocate to plead your case with God. He truly is Someone called to come alongside to help when you are in need of him.

Awesome friend to be with you always is he! He makes Jesus real to you and makes the words of the Bible come alive and speak to you.

You’ll never be left alone. God will never be far away; but in you. You can always know his presence because this Comforter—the Holy Spirit—is with you.

Gentle like a dove, mighty like a wind, and burning to death from your life all that is not pleasing to God; he always points you to Jesus. And he says, “Look to him!”

What a joy it is when he is within you. He is the one who helps you experience the great love of God for you, and he is the one who gifts you the peace that Jesus promised.

Yet again his is that gentle warning when you are about to do wrong; he sorrows and grieves when a child of God strays from what is right and sins!

Yet when you turn back to God he holds you close like a hen gathering her chick under her wings or like a mother comforting her child. He is in the business of blazing truth in your hearts. When he walks with you, you cannot keep company with darkness but you can only walk in the light!

The Comforter—God within us! Gently wooing you to fall in love with God. Aren’t you feeling that nudge in your heart?

Oh, what a joy it is when the comforter has come; when the comforter has come!

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