Sample Inspiring Refreshing Welcome Speech at Film Festival Inauguration

Red Lighted Candles Christmas GiftIt is with great happiness that I stand here to welcome all of you.

As the Chairman of this Film festival I can say that it was a great run-up to this exciting moment.

I know that you are looking ahead with eager faces to see the movie scheduled as the curtain raiser to the current edition of this International Film Festival.

This time for a change we have kept the name of the movie a surprise.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

You might wonder why it is so. It is because the movie itself explores the element of curiosity and how it shapes human expectations, handles disappointments and finds success in the pursuit of discovery.

Without keeping you all waiting much more, I welcome the guests of honour, dignitaries, delegates and the media to this function.

We have eminent Directors, reputed and legendary names in the world of Cinema whose very lives revolve around the silver screen here with us tonight. There presence here with us in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of God’s own country, Kerala, is in itself a grand showcase of the way this International Film Festival has grown and made a mark in the festive maps of the celluloid world. I welcome you with great pleasure to this inaugural function.

We are greatly honoured to have with us the doyen of Indian cinema, Mr. Amitabh Bachan, the the Big B of Bollywood as our celebrity guest this evening. He, once was the angry young man of Indian cinema. But today he is an iconic figure having inspired millions of viewers with the legacy of larger than life characters he has left behind. His signature voice is recognized everywhere. With loving hearts we welcome you to this film festival.

To all the eminent personalities of the Government, the distinguished members of the jury, cultural enthusiasts, the great number of vibrant youngsters from across the nation gathered here; a warm welcome to one and all.

A special word of welcome to all our friends and passionate movie lovers who have come from different parts of the globe. It has made this gathering here this evening a mix of cultures, perspectives, and blend of voices from the Indian sub-continent, South-east Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe.

Yes friends, movies make us reflect and think and ponder. It makes us face questions of ultimate importance in life. The lens through which the story is told is not just about dialogues but about search for truth and meaning; it is not just about songs but soul-stirring music and the power of stillness; it is not just about dashed hopes and cruel injustice but also about stirrings of hope and fight back and survival in the midst of despair.

As we unite together to watch and view and air our own opinions; make judgements and become part of the story-telling traditions passed down to us through generations now enhanced and embellished with the aid of ever-captivating and improving technology; I wish all of you a wonderful fortnight of great cinema viewing on the larger than life screens.

Once again, I welcome all of you to this grand celebration of world-class films that will keep you yearning for more. Thank you.

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