End Your Guilt Trip! Come to the Fountain!

You might be suffering from guilt. Now how can your guilt be taken away? Will due punishment take it away? It cannot! You still will hear accusing from your conscience and often from the devil himself. Is there an escape? Oh yes, there is! Come to the fountain!

Blood Jesus Cleanse

What is this fountain? It is the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross. The Bible says the blood of Jesus is a fountain of cleansing. All our sins, when we confess them before God and repent of them with sincere and true and broken hearts, are forgiven. Its shame and guilt is taken away. So come to this fountain.

Come to this fountain with all your failures, mistakes, and sins. There you will find pardon and forgiveness in abundance. For God is compassionate and merciful. He is ever willing to forgive when you come to him broken. He does not want you to live in guilt and shame. Therefore come to this fountain.

When God forgives, he also restores. He brings you back to a right relationship with him. He brings you out of darkness into his light, from death to life, from lies and deception to truth, and from despair to healing.

Therefore do not lose your life to guilt trips. But find God’s unconditional love and forgiveness by coming now itself to the fountain of cleansing from sin and impurity. End your guilt trip today. Come to this fountain!

References: Zechariah 13:1 1 John 1:7

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