Motivational Speech on Beginnings: The Right Way to Begin Anything!

Beginnings are part of our lives. Much prayer, planning, and preparation ideally should go into making a beginning a success. A good start will pump a lot of confidence, hope, and the enthusiasm to persevere till the end. Now let me spell out a few tips regarding beginnings—the right way to begin anything.

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#1. Begin with God.

He knows what is best for you. He is willing to guide and help you. Above all, he can give you the needed wisdom. So begin with God. Let your studies begin with God; for the fear of the LORD is beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

#2. Begin with a Determination to Finish.

You might have left many projects undone. This happens because you did not keep the long term view or have the big picture in mind. You should be prepared in your mind to deal with distractions and setbacks and obstacles. if you begin without having a plan to deal with these; most likely you will abandon what you started.

#3. Begin with Hope and Maintain It.

Life can bring a lot of changes. Some of them can threaten to derail your plans. It is in those times that you need hope. So put your trust in God and hope in him. If you do so, you will not be disappointed. So success is not just about beginning well, but keeping up hope as you progress through clouds and rain, through sunshine and storm.

#4. Believe in Small Beginnings.

One small seed can grow into a tree which in turn can provide plenty of fruit for years to come. So do not be afraid to start small. Make big plans but be willing to start small. There will be come a day when you can look back and be amazed at how far you have come. And be thankful to God for that journey.

Now let me conclude. Beginnings are special and remembered by all. But making a beginning is not easy and should not be attempted without adequate prayer, planning and preparation. When done well, beginnings are lovely; aren’t they?

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