7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Fear to Speak in Public

#1. You Stand Alone
That is frightening. Many people like to be in the comfort of a group; allow others to talk and feel happy being led. The sudden change from being a passive listener to a visible speaker is difficult for many to accept.

#2. The Fear of Making a Fool of Oneself
It can happen if the mind goes blank, if words go wrong, or if fear shows through. The worry of making mistakes ensures that mistakes do come.

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#3. My Ideas Are Not Good Enough
It is not ideas that are bad. It is often the packaging of ideas that needs to be done well. A chocolate wrapped in a newspaper will not be well received even if you tell the world that it is a delicious chocolate that is inside it.

#4. What Will People Think About Me As long as we are focused on what people are thinking about us; stage fright will rule. So many people become self conscious on stage and then a battle of nerves begin.

#5. Lack of Knowledge of Crafting a Speech
Lack of knowledge of one’s subject is a concern. But more than that many people do not know how to grab attention at the beginning; organize content well; use transitions effectively, support with evidence, illustrations, examples; and end on a positive, high note.

#6. Bad Memories of Past Mistakes and Failures
Most people have had bad experiences in their first attempts on stage. Sometimes these mistakes and failures like forgetting memorized lines or shivering were made fun of by friends, teachers, or strangers even. Such bad memories paralyze people from speaking with courage.

#7. Fear of Rejection
Everyone loves to be appreciated and accepted. But every time one goes on to stage to speak (however experienced he or she may be),there is the possibility of facing rejection from the audience. It is a fear that can trouble even the really confident speaker.

The good news however is that none of these fears need prevent you from becoming a good speaker. With a burning desire from your part, perseverance and help from someone who can inspire you with confidence; you can speak without fear. Yes, you can!

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Link to post Short speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!
Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

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