A Short Speech on the 7 Best Things to Teach Your Child

The first thing to teach your child is to look up at a clear night sky. And not bent down his/her head on to mobile screens. Ask him/her to wonder about the star-studded sky. Let him/her think, how did it all come there? Who is behind it all? What holds it together?

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The second thing is to teach your child to speak the truth always. Tell him/her mistakes happen to all good men and women. Ask him/her to take responsibility for them. Teach him/her that it takes courage to speak the truth.

The third thing to teach your child is to keep trying. It is up to us parents to motivate a child to keep on attempting to do things. There is lot of truth in the saying, “Try again and again until you succeed.”

The fourth thing to teach your child is the value of patience. A child thinks that good things are his/hers automatically for the asking. Teach him/her that he/she needs to learn to wait and be patient for good things to come his/her way.

The fifth thing to teach your child is how to fail. Tell him/her not to consider himself/herself as a failure even if others label him/her so. Teach him/her that more learning happens through failures than successes. Let him/her know that there is nothing to be ashamed about failure if he/she has given his/her best effort.

The sixth thing to teach your child is never to lose hope. Teach a child to say NO to despair. Tell him/her not to worry for he/she has a heavenly Father watching over him/her. Let him/her learn that even after the darkest night the sun will rise.

The seventh thing to teach your child is to strive for excellence in thought, speech, and action. Tell him/her to persevere in the good and noble pursuits of life, career, hobbies, and relationships. Let him/her learn to never lower his/her standards.

Finally, I cannot say, there is nothing more to teach a child. For there are lots more like habits, respect, character etc. But if you ask me to add one more; it will be the importance of discipline in life. Teach him/her to discipline himself/herself to have a worthy purpose in life. Let him/her know that it is not the beginning that counts but how one finishes well in life. Let him/her discipline himself/herself with the thought of touching the finishing tape on a note of triumph.

These are not all; but even if these are all, it will yield sweet fruit for all the toil and labour and hard work that your child will have put in to succeed in life. A thankful heart, without doubt, will make it taste all the more sweet.

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