A Speech for Children on Self-Control

Self-control is not a popular term with teens; but freedom is. Now freedom in excess without restrictions makes people slaves to whatever has mastered them.

So there is a responsibility on your part to exercise self-control. It can be in many areas.

One, exercise self-control in the area of speech. Too much talk can make you lose respect with teachers and elderly. It can create conflicts and quarrels with the best of friends.

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Two, exercise self-control in the area of relationships. You cannot take advantage of others and expect to live a happy life. Avoiding haste in getting involved in relationships, maintaining purity in motives, and treating others with kindness instead of becoming judgmental; are all measures of self-control.

Three, exercise self-control in the area of food. Eating is necessary to live, but living to eat is yet another matter. Junk food is everywhere. When food is made a god, bad eating and drinking habits can prove harmful.

Four, exercise self-control in the area of social media. Do not spend too much time in it. Remember all your digital footprints are tracked. There is no escape. And do not be naive and reveal your personal information on social media.

Five, exercise self-control in money matters. Do not fall into the living on credit cards trap. Do not not spend lavishly on non-essentials. Money is so uncertain; there a hundred different ways through which a rich man can become penniless.

Six, exercise self-control in management of time. We are all given 24 hours a day. But no one knows for how long. Reduce time you spend for entertainment and try to live life in a purposeful manner. If you can utilize 15 minutes a day to learn a new skill, think about what difference it can make in your life and career.

Seven, and finally, exercise self-control in your thoughts. No one can read your mind but your eyes and face will bear the marks of what you think. Imagination is a wonderful gift; but make every effort to think on the lovely and the pure.* Try to think on achieving excellence. Do not leave your mind empty but fill it with good thoughts, reading great books, and generate ideas along with friends.

There are many other areas where one can learn to exercise self control. “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls,”* says the Bible. So discipline yourself. Exercise self-control. If not, your mind and behaviour will be like untamed horses running wild in the woods!

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*Philippians 4:8, Proverbs 25:28 Bible.
For those who stay connected to God, the Bible says that God himself will produce in people self-control. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22).”

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