Fashions Mean More Than What It Says

Fashions change. They come and go like the rise and fall of empires. And fashions do mean more than what you see outwardly.

One, fashions reflect popular trends and culture. They show the tendency of people to be part of the crowd, to be part of the in thing or the thing in vogue.

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Two, fashions capture a snapshot of history. For example,we easily identify the hats or bonnets which ladies of the Victorian era wore when we see pictures; don’t we?

Three, fashions have a way of making a reappearance with minor changes. This reminds of King Solomon’s statement, “there is nothing new under the sun.”1

Four, fashion designing as a career is there because people are conscious about fashions, about creativity and about making style statements. So there are creators of fashion, models and celebrities who in fashion shows and fashion weeks that showcase them, sporting icons and movie stars who popularize them, and the consumers who embrace that with both hands.

To conclude, after Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden of Eden and realised that they were naked and felt shame for the first time in their lives and sewed fig leaves together, God clothed them with garments of skin. Ever since then clothing has persevered the modesty and dignity of men and women. And fashion has added colour and celebrations to it. Of course, fashions make people feel good as they look beautiful or handsome in good dresses.

But whatever it be, changing fashions also remind us that human life and on earth is fleeting, ephemeral, short-lived, transitory, and not permanent.

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