1 Minute Speech on Who Is My Role Model?

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A role model is a person whom I can look up to; learn from, and imitate. I can also be inspired to succeed the way he or she has done in his or her life.

A role model can be my father or mother; it can be my teacher, my best friend, a sports personality or a leader in my neighbourhood or community. What makes a role model impact my life is not the position he or she holds; but the positive influence and the way he or she sets an example by his or her behaviour, speech and courageous action.

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Now we need to note that we either consciously choose role models or sometimes we are influenced by them without our even knowing it.

So just ask yourself this question, “Who am I looking up to as a standard of behaviour, and reference point to emulate or follow?” The next question to ask yourself is “What makes his or her life a success?” Once you have identified those elements like honesty, discipline or courage; the third question to ask is, “What character traits of that person can I copy, implement, and reproduce in my life so that I too can shine a light for others?”

Again, a role model is one who brings about a positive change in me. He or she is someone whom I can relate to in my struggles as well as my dreams.

Personally, I have had not one; but many role models in my life. At each stage of life’s journey I have looked up to someone for motivation to live life better.

If I look at them close; they may not be perfect but there is something good about them which makes me respect and admire them and also push myself to excel in life.

Surprisingly, many role models that I have had are not public figures, but unsung heroes and heroines whose lives shone a bright light for me!

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