Meet the Risen Christ Who Walks Along with You on Lonely Sunset Roads

Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. There stands before men and women no greater truth and hope than his life triumphing over death. And the good news is that he walks along with you on lonely sunset roads.

In that unforgettable walk the evening of his resurrection day, the Risen Christ joined with two men who were walking towards their village called Emmaus. But they were kept from recognising him.

The men were sad, their faces downcast. They were moving away from Jerusalem the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion. In their minds, Jesus was dead and gone. Their hopes about him had been dashed.

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They had heard the joyous news that angels had broken to some women who had gone and seen the empty tomb that morning: “He is not here; he has risen.”

Yet these men did not believe even though they were amazed at the news.

But then in the walk towards their village as they listened to him open their minds to understand the truth written in the Scriptures that he had to suffer and then enter glory; their hearts burned within them!

By then the sun was setting. And Jesus acted as if he were going farther. But they urged him strongly, “Stay with us.”

If “abide with me” is your prayer this moment, Jesus will come in to your home however humble it is and to your heart however sad and broken it is.

And there will be a moment of recognition as it happened with those two men when they understood who their companion was when he took bread, gave thanks to God, and broke it for them.

Jesus immediately disappeared from their sight. But the men now had news to carry. They hurried back to Jerusalem at once with the news, “It is true. The Lord has risen.”

At the end of every lonely walk and darkness sunset brings; there comes in Jesus the Risen Lord to walk along with you. Let hope rise again in your hearts because this my friend is the great assurance that you have: The Risen Lord is with you!

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