My Friend, Do Not Give Up!

Do not give up.
Problems in life will keep coming just like waves keep hitting the shore. Do not fear when you see them. Instead of running away you have to look for ways to ride on the waves.

Do not give up.
Life is precious. You are given only one. So make the best use of it. Focus on what you can do today. God has given every man and woman promise of strength for each day’s troubles.

Do not give up.
Some people whom you trusted might have let you down. It is now your feel that no one can be trusted. But there are others who will come to help you and stand with you. Have hope.

Do not give up.
You might have lost many opportunities in life. You might have wasted many years. My friend do not brood over a dead past. God can always give you a new beginning. He will take care of all that was lost.

Do not give up.
Good things to happen in life takes time. Be patient. When difficulties come in life and no progress is made in what you planned to do, be patient. Use this time to slow down, make plans, and dream big. Do not allow people’s opinions to frustrate you.

Do not give up.
You may not have much money. You may be lacking much needed resources. These are limitations. But they need not stop you from thinking creatively. Adapt to limited resources. Think big. Cut your expenses wherever possible. Put off certain purchases. You can make it through a rainy day. The sun will shine again.

Do not give up.
If you believe that God is watching over you, do not become anxious. I know it is easy to say, “Do not worry.” But it is difficult to practice. When loss and hurts and distress come it is quite natural to ask God, “Why?” You might not get all the answers. When you feel like giving up then, just ask God to hold you tight.

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