Put Off Your Old Attitudes and Put On New Attitudes

Attitudes influence our behaviour. It cements our character. And it can determine our ultimate destiny too. Therefore you need to learn to put off old attitudes and put on new attitudes.

Anything negative, anything dealing with darkness and evil, anything that is self-defeating, anything that is shameful; all come under old attitudes. But whatever is of the light, whatever is positive and creative, whatever builds you up and does not tear you down comes under the colourful umbrella of new attitudes.

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Looking at life, we find negativity everywhere. No doubt, we are influenced by how those close to us look at life. Some of their old attitudes do create dents in our life and we too follow their thinking patterns and even the way they speak.

But life can be approached on another plane too. It is an invitation to rise up and fly high in the skies. Instead of the drag of negativity of old attitudes; you find lift in the positivity of new attitudes.

Without doubt, this freedom and joy of new living is God-initiated to those who choose to have it that way. But to continue in that attitude of positivity; you need to be watchful and you need to be in an attitude of constant improvement. If you neglect your part of the deal; if you become slack; if you become lazy; then like weeds overrunning a neglected garden; so will negative attitudes make a rush in. So be alert.

On the other hand, by welcoming change, by making efforts to conquer bad habits, by mingling with friends who demand that you be at your best; new attitudes do take hold of you. Then you can take off old attitudes; discard them, and put on new attitudes like you put on new clothes. It requires a renewing of the mind.

Yes, the mind is where the battlefied is. Your mind is often taken a prisoner in battle. And you think, speak, and do, what you don’t like. When you find that happening, intensify your efforts to seek after the good, the lovable, the excellent, and whatever spurs you on to have new attitudes that spell life, and joy and the radiance of shining light.

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Inspired by Ephesians 4:22–24 Bible.

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