Influence Is the Key To Be a Better Leader

Influence is one key measure of leadership. It is often achieved through how a leader communicates.

A leader who is always busy and doesn’t have time for the individual is already out of the competition. So make it point to welcome interruptions as an opportunity to listen to others.

A leader who listens and is unable to help the other person have clarity on his confused thoughts has just wasted a lot of time. The other person expects a word of wisdom, a sense of direction, or at least a ray of hope. Be sure you provide that in your conversations.

A leader who forgets to say a genuine word of appreciation is never liked. He may be feared but will not earn any points on loyalty from members of his team. What fear and criticism fails to achieve is made possible through one kind and thoughtful word. “Anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up (Proverbs 12:25 Bible).”

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A leader who dictates will not last long. But gentle words of persuasion can break a bone is what Biblical wisdom* says. Speak gently, let logic and reason drive things home. Don’t yell at people and advertise to the world how small you really are.

A leader who is an influencer will make an attempt to see the hidden potential of a person. Even when a person is far from having achieved what he is capable of the leader’s role is constantly paint in words a picture of what the future is going to be for that person. Someday he will be grateful that you believed in him when others did not.

A leader who forgets to keep promises made is busy digging his grave. But those who do not break their word is building up a huge deposit account. At a time of crisis he will be able to encash some of this reserve.

Finally, a leader’s influence is in direct proportion to the example he sets. One act of being there for someone in a moment of need can enhance the way your team or followers see you. If you are privileged to skip the queue and even then you choose to stand with others anyway is an act of identification with others in your team.

Well, leadership is one fine art of creating influence wherever you go.

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Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

*”. . . a gentle tongue can break a bone (Proverbs 25:15).”

“Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less”

— John C. Maxwell

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