A Speech on Kindness

A world in which people are becoming more self-centred and busy, kindness holds a miracle-working power. Possibly kindness is a kind of tender-hearted and compassionate love in action. The Bible calls kindness a fruit of the Spirit; meaning that God makes that quality grow in us as we increasingly connect with him like a branch in a tree.

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Regarding kindness, I wish to share with you four quick thoughts:

One, kindness begins with an attitude. It begins with you and me having open eyes and ears to see and listen to others. Most people are hurting in one way or other. They need a listening ear. They needed someone to tell them that there is hope ahead so as to help them find strength in God.

Two, kindness is also action-oriented. It can be the gift of a smile, a loving and understanding touch, a phone call or a message to cheer up a heart. Some need help in material ways like money for education or hospital expenses. Seeing someone in need and then not helping when it is in your power to act is quite the opposite of kindness.

Three, kindness has to be cultivated. As said earlier, it is a fruit. When we show kindness we reflect that quality in God who is compassionate and showed tender-hearted kindness to us when he gifted Jesus his Son to come to this earth and bleed to death on a cross. So kindness is about showing love in action to those who might not even deserve it. It is not easy. It requires a spirit of sacrifice and often a forgiving spirit too.

Four, kindness is often shown outside but absent within our homes. It has been often pointed out that we show kindness to everyone but often forget to show it those who are our loved ones at home. This is a serious neglect we need to address. Home becomes a light of joy when kindness is shown to each other. For example, not shouting at your loved one when a mistake is made is an act of love and kindness.

So my dear friends, let me conclude saying that kindness is a much needed virtue in today’s world that is increasingly busy, driven by artificial intelligence, and powered by selfish attitudes. Kindness can be that one thing which will bring a miracle of love, affection, friendship, and joy being restored in your homes too. May God give you the strength and courage to exhibit kindness to all; especially to those who are close to your heart.

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