You Can Make Winning in Life a Seven-Step Habit!

Winning in life is a habit. Let me point out seven attitudes that will help you win in life.

It all starts with desire. There should be a burning desire to win. Forget all negative circumstances, people who tell you how what you dream cannot be done, and lack of money.

Secondly, start somewhere. Do not wait for ever planning. Take action even if it be a small step. Each single day do something that will take you nearer to your goal.

Thirdly, look for competition. Athletes and sportsmen do best when the competition is the toughest. Keep yourself motivated and challenged by the best you can compete against in your field.

Fourthly, but of great importance, you need wisdom. Pray to God, ask those who have succeeded in your field to share life lessons they learned, and seek guidance from those who can give you wise counsel.

Fifthly, make mistakes. That is the only way you make progress. I am not asking you to make mistakes through negligence. But I am asking you to be daring in your attempts, to push yourself out of comfort zones, and try your luck at new things you naturally shrink away from doing.

Sixthly, be single-minded in your pursuits. Do not get distracted. Burn bridges behind. Do not look back and wish that you should have remained in your old ways and habits. Instead look forward with determination.

Finally, have a killer instinct. It means that you will not rest until you finish what you have begun to do. It means that you will allow no obstacle, no defeat, no negativity to make you give up in despair. You might feel discouraged at your lack of progress, but you will hold on, fight on, and will not say “quit” until you have won.

My friend, there is a time to prepare the nets. There is a time to launch out from the safety of the shore. There is a time to cast your nets into the deep. There is a time to fight the winds and the waves.There is a time to persevere when absolutely no progress happens.

But the man who wins is the one who while awake or asleep dreams of and acts towards and relentlessly pursues the goal of bringing a boat full of fish to the shore. That is killer instinct that makes winning a habit in life.

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