Build Healthy Relationships Says School Leader in an Inspiring Speech

Hi friends,

It is time once again for the flowers to bloom and the song of the birds to make music in our ears. Our hearts are again in spring time and we look forward to yet another year of friendship and laughter and healthy fun. As leader of the school, I wish to present before you a few thoughts on how to build healthy relationships.

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At a time when relationships are crumbling everywhere; when relationships are characterized by what one can get and grab; when relationships are based more on money power and social status than on values like honesty, integrity and faithfulness; there is much to be said about building healthy relationships especially in our schools where boys and girls study together.

First and foremost, all healthy relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Trust does not happen overnight. It is a sacred responsibility that is an outflow of good character. Trust once lost; it almost impossible to regain it. Therefore, guard it carefully. Respect each other and give each other the private space needed; not only physically but also emotionally too. Trust never crosses boundaries and does not trespass on the other’s personal space.

Secondly, all healthy relationships are built on encouragement and mutual support. When you encourage your friend to be his or her best; when you give a listening ear when your friend would like to share life’s burdens with you; when you rejoice at the academic and co-curricular achievements of your friend; and when you correct with honest intent so that your friend does not end up a loser by taking the wrong path; you are building a healthy relationship.

Finally, all healthy relationships have to be maintained. At a time when mobile phones and social media are relied upon to maintain relationships; do not mistake them for the reality of keeping in touch in flesh and blood. Lending a helping hand when needed; encouraging to hold on and not give in to life’s troubles; connecting and networking with others and speaking a good and timely word for your friend; all will go a long way in maintaining healthy relationships.

Let me conclude reminding the words of Jesus who said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.”1 As far as healthy relationships are concerned, we need to watch out against people and evil forces who want to destroy good and healthy relationships. They spell death but we need to choose life deliberately, time and again, and strive to build healthy relationships.

We do not live in isolation. And none of us can afford to be lonely. We have families; but we also need healthy relationships with our friends; with both boys and girls. When greed and selfishness and cut-throat competition have become the dominant and aggressive mindset of the 21st century; let us strive to be unselfish and pray for the best for our friends. In that way we can truly be the salt of the earth by building relationships that abound with life and joy.

1John 10:10a Bible.
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