Gaming as Career, Entertainment, and Addiction!

Youngsters are into gaming. It has changed a lot in the past few years. And in this short speech, I look at gaming as career, entertainment, and addiction.
There are a huge number of career opportunities in the field of gaming. Some of them are game designer, game developer, sound engineer, gaming critic etc.

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There are a lot of people who make a career in gaming as has become an industry generating billions of dollars. It is a chance for many to convert a hobby into a career too.

Now coming to entertainment, there is no doubt that the young generation are totally into gaming. It is a totally different experience these days in contrast to the solo video games that children used to play a generation ago.

Today, it has become competitive and online with multiple players (multiplayer games) joining from across the globe. The experience is really intense as you can play against or play along with others.

There are fans and followers for computer games like you have for football, basketball or cricket. The genres available in gaming are so many as this wikipedia post shows.

Well, there are several stories we hear every now and then about gaming becoming addictive. Youngsters lose interest in studies and in having a real social life with their friends. Some lose sleep and forget to eat food at proper times and thus destroy their health.

A lot of psychological problems also do result. This is because the experiene provided by gaming is so immersive and addictive. It is a kind of virtual world invading the real world and conquering it.

Of course, many might not like to mention the addictive aspect of gaming and a lot more might disagree saying that there are many benefits of gaming. Of course, there are benefits but when gaming becomes extremely addictive, human relationships suffer.

Let me conclude saying that with technology improving each day and with lot more youngsters being involved in the world of gaming, it will continue to open up new career options, continue to entertain and continue to be addictive.

The question is, will you be able to maintain your edge and expertise in the career of gaming over the years? Will there be a boredom emerging through entertainment? And finally, will addiction to gaming become fatal? Think about these earnestly.


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