Nursery Grade: Speech on My Friends

My kindergarten class is where I meet my friends. I often feel that my class teacher is my best friend.

She smiles a lot and gives me sweets too. I love her way of asking, “Dear Emma sweetie, how are you?” That makes it a beautiful beginning to a new day.

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Then there are my classmates. We sing a lot, especially nursery rhymes, and run around too.

Our classroom is all dreamy stuff: The cartoons on the walls, the small chairs painted yellow and purple on which we sit and chat, the teddy bears and dolls we hug a lot, and of course all the toys that are scattered around and we play with. Those make life with friends in our classroom so colourful.

Oh, how we chat. It is like the chirping of birds. There is no end to our talk. Some of us talk about the animation movies we watched; others talk about relatives they visited; yet many talk about tours they had gone for; and most of us talk about the games we played. But talk goes on and on, and round and round like a merry-go-round.

Ah, we do fight often. It’s for silly things: pencils, erasers, stickers, and things like that. But we love it. And just between us, we sometimes scribble on others’ notebooks too. You might tell it’s wrong. I know it is; but that’s sometimes our idea of fun. We don’t mean to harm, you know!

Some of us go back home in the school bus. But not all. Most of our parents come to pick us and take us home. It is such a lovely end to a day, waving goodbyes and promising to meet again the next day. Those who cried in the morning while coming to school are all smiles when they go back. What a change that is; isn’t it?

I do hope that all of us friends will be together the rest of our lives. But my Dad says, “There are lots more people you’ll meet; but there will be a few who will be your friends for life.” My mother nods in agreement. I don’t understand; but maybe I’ll grow up one day to know who my true friends really are.

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