Parents Teachers Students Meet: This Is What Our Hearts Want to Speak Out!

Red Lighted Candles Christmas GiftMy dear parents and beloved teachers,

I, as the School Leader, stand here representing all the students of our school. It is the first time any one of us have been given a chance to speak out loud and clear what is in our hearts. We cherish this great opportunity.

Today, let me spell out for you what our hearts want to speak out.

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First of all our hearts want to say thank you dear parents and beloved teachers for all what you have been to us, for all the wisdom you have shared with us and for all the encouragement you have given us.

Secondly, all of our hearts are anxious. In this increasingly technology driven world when many are compelled to spend much time online by choice or chance; it is becoming difficult to find true friendships. And when around the table talk during family dinner in many homes have been stolen by busyness and addicition to mobile screens, we children, each one of us feel like stranded on islands of our own making.

Thirdly, let me say we are ambitious. There are lot of more career opportunities ahead. There are a wide variety of courses to choose from to reach there. What our school has taught us is to pursue our goals and dreams. We are so happy that our parents and teachers have instilled in us the courage to persevere, to put in honest hard work, and have untiring enthusisam and hope in the midst of failures and setbacks in life.

Above all, we are learning to be compassionate and kind-hearted. We were given a lot of opportunities to get to know how people struggle to make ends meet in the communities around us. We were given many chances to make a difference in a few lives. I am sure that these efforts and the willingess to lend a helping hand will not vapourize like dreams but stay embedded in our minds for a long time to come.

Therefore dear parents and beloved teachers, thank you once again for the light you have shone on our paths; it shall be our beacon of hope when clouds obscure the sun. Thank you for the seeds scattered on good soil; they will surely sprout, grow, multiply and yield a great harvest. Thank you for your love; for even in our moments of rebellion we still believe in the goodness you have reserved for us in your hearts. There shall be a come back home. God bless you all. Thank you.

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