“Come Back Home, My Child!”

Did you know God is waiting for you?  He knows that like a foolish child you’ve strayed and lost your way. So he is anxiously waiting to see you come back home.

“Come back home, my child,” is your Heavenly Father’s voice to you today. “Return to me,” is the call he sounds to you now. So take words with you, “Father, I have sinned against you. Please forgive me.”

Blood Jesus Cleanse

Oh, God will run to you, embrace you, kiss you and accept you when he sees you come back from afar!

He will not find fault with you nor condemn you for wasting your life in wild living. But he will receive you with great compassion when you come back. He will show you great mercy.

The door of heaven and the heart of God is always kept open for you to come back. Angels will rejoice at your coming back. There will be celebrations in heaven when you come back to God and your home.

When you get back home my child God will put rich and royal robes on you. Then to all you will no longer be the beggar on the streets, but a son or daughter of God. Come back home my child to the rich welcome of God.

This post is inspired by the story of the Prodigal Son Jesus told (Gospel of Luke Chapter 15 Bible).

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