Success in Interviews Can Be Yours by Choice Not Chance

Techniques and tips might help but those don’t bring success to you in interviews. You have to choose to have what it takes to succeed. Failures in interviews happen not by chance, but because you did not care enough to choose what helps you succeed. So what helps you succeed in interviews? Of course, the choices you make. Come on, let’s take a look at them:

One, have a grip of fundamentals. Brush up your knowledge of the basics of your subject before you attend interviews. It is the simple questions that are likely to trip you rather than questions that probe deep into the subject.

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Two, if you have passion for what you do and what you have applied for it will show. So be genuinely interested in the profile and the organisation you are seeking an entry to. Make them know your skills set match what they are looking for.

Three, interviews are not decided only by the correct answers you give. It is more or less decided by the confidence about you you are able to inspire in the interview board. You can inspire confidence by your knowledge, your attitude, your past performances, your passion, the clarity of your answers, and the intensity or burning desire with which you are focused on getting through.

Four, past experiences can be assets if you can tell them convincingly to prove your leadership, communication, organising, or other skills. Be prepared with stories of how you exhibited your skills in the past. Even if it was a project or assignement which was done by a group make sure you highlight your role in the effort.

Five, good communication skills do help a lot. When combined with a positive attitude it is a winning duo. A little bit of being persuasive in communication is good; no need to be aggressive. Attending some training program just before the interview can help; but it cannot match with long-term preparation in developing communication skills. The least you can do is to listen to good English on a regular basis.

Six, you can only be who you are. The interview board will easily pick out whether you have fear, whether you are biased, whether your real ambition lies somewhere else, whether you harbour resentment or you have gratitude, whether you are responsible or someone who plays the blame game, whether you pursue excellence or chase wishful thinking and so on. So be yourself and build character right from school days; though it is never late to begin.

Finally, it is a personal thought. Sometimes you don’t make it in spite of your best effort. That doesn’t make you a failure. If you trust God, then know that he opens and closes doors. In the end a closed door can be the best thing to have happened. For failure in an interview is not the final word, if you can still believe, hope and trust for better days ahead.

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