Promise of New Year Resolutions and Its Heartbreak ?

New Year is a time of promise of a bright future ahead. It is a time you love to leave behind the baggage of the past and take new resolutions for the year ahead. So far so good.

But experience has taught us that New Year resolutions are broken sooner than expected in spite of all the good intentions behind them. And it is heartbreak time then. And giving up all as lost when promises are broken.

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One thing you should never forget is that in our unending quest for ideal beginnings in life we wait to the end of the year postponing every good thing we could have attempted. Many opportunities are lost in this kind of waiting.

Instead of waiting for the New Year to come, why not start today with your resolutions. Attempt something you always wanted to do. Begin small. Even when you fail start again. That is the true promise of life.

Achievements and success is not to be seen as destinations and the end of our journeys. Instead see attempts and failures as the real cornerstones of success.

So start today and now. Do not delay. Be realistic that there will be failures and setbacks. But be determined to bounce back. Enjoy the process. And then you will have a beautiful journey ahead.

Do not wait for the New Year. In spite of all the hype and promise about welcoming a New Year it is a deception as far as resolutions are concerned. Do not believe the lie that something magical is going to happen the first day of the year. It can happen or it might not happen.

But if you trust God, and believe in him for your future; today is the best day and now is your opportunity. The promise the Bible declares is that God’s compassions never fail and they are new every morning1.

So get up and start to put your dreams to reality. By the time New Year comes around, you would have far advanced than most of those who chose to sit and watch and wait!

1Lamentations 3:22, 23.

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