Santa Claus Is Not Christmas!

Santa Claus is not Christmas. In fact Santa Claus has hijacked the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa Claus is the commercial reason1 for Christmas celebrations. He brings gifts but makes all the sales possible around the world during happy holidays Christmas season.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

But Santa Claus is far removed from the humble birth of Jesus in a manger in a cattle shed. While Santa Claus goes hi-tech, the birth of Jesus is widely celebrated without knowing the purpose for which he came.

He came to die—the sinless one for sinners like you and me. He came to pour out his blood on the cross and die and rise again from the dead so that the best gifts that Santa Claus gives will not entice us to forget heaven’s best!

Yes, Jesus came to show us he is the best gift God could give to any one of us. Like all gifts the price is already paid for at the cross:

Forgiveness, pardon, eternal life, and heaven’s citizenship come to you through Jesus which is the true meaning of Christmas.

My friend, remember Santa Claus, is not Christmas even as gifts and sales of Santa Claus figurines, mask, costume, and accessories will swell in ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba and the like this Christmas season!

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