A Short Speech on Looking Deep Inside

Looking deep inside,
I find in me a heart that wants to be appreciated for the good things I do.

Looking deep inside,
I find in me a fear that is always asking, “What will others think about me?”

Looking deep inside,
I find in me a dream that says, “Someday, I will make a difference in the lives of others.”

Blood Jesus Cleanse

My dear friends, today, I wish to speak to you on all that we find when we look deep inside. Now, looking deep inside is not easy. It takes courage to be honest with oneself. See, we have told more lies to ourselves than to others. We believe the stories that we’ve created for ourselves. Isn’t that true?

Yes, it is. We tell ourselves that there is still a long time left for us to do the things that we should be doing now. But sadly, that is a big lie. It deceives us to sleep in the arms of procrastination. And then one day we wake up to find ourselves without the power to act. The tragedy of having begun well showing great promise and then losing that cutting edge in life is so common.

Again, as we honestly look deep inside; we find there a pit of worms eating each other and breeding more. What is that makes such an ugly scene? Isn’t that what your heart looks like? All the hurts and bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness, envy and jealousy, the gossip and slander; make a mix of which we are sadly unaware. Today, my friends, would you care enough to have an honest look deep inside?

Finally, as we look deep inside; we find a deep longing to be loved; to be accepted; to belong. Often there is more need here than in what your closest loved one can ever be able to meet. It is here that our hearts break often. And without doubt, this is one instance when after looking deep inside; you have to look up and listen to the One who says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love!”

Yes friends, looking deep inside is no easy task. When we do so we find there a lot of stories we have to rescript to climb the stairway that will take us high. As we look deep inside, we find there a battleground that silently drains the joy and peace from our lives. And therefore; we need to hear words of forgiveness that can give each one of us a brand-new beginning in life.

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