Attitudes That Can Impact the Way You Handle Inferiority Complex Successfully

Why is inferiority complex so widespread?
Why does it affect people who sport a very confident face otherwise?
Is there any solution to this?
If so, how can one get out of this as a better person?

Honestly, no easy solutions come to mind. Each individual may have had struggles early in life which are unique to that person. A sympathetic understanding of underlying causes might help to kick-start the journey on the road to recovery and wholeness.

Yet whatever be the cause, the root of inferiority complex is lies and deception. It happens when we believe wrong and unjust estimates about ourselves. Others might pressurize us to believe these lies or we might just be deceived to believe them on our own. If you can learn to unmask these lies and deception; then you stand a greater chance to get out of inferiority complex. Indeed, it is the truth that will set you free.

Some hurts in life keep hurting for long.
Some hurts can never be shared. You bear it all alone.
Some hurts come because of our own fully.
A few others because some others did something bad to you over which you had no control.

It is difficult to forgive or forget.
It is still difficult to erase memories.
It is most difficult to get over the feel that I am not good enough.

We all need help. Sometimes we have friends to stand along with us. But they cannot fight the waves of negativity that dump trash and garbage of the past into our minds repeatedly.

Let me be honest here. There are no magical solutions to the problem. The battle to win over inferiority complex can be a life-long one.

Rejection, abuse faced as a child, being made fun of by others, financial difficulties, unfair comparisons, negative labelling, failure in exams, and plenty of other reasons contribute to inferiority complex.

Now let me try to specify a few attitudes that can help:

The first one is that your life is precious. It has a purpose. If you believe that you can make a difference, you still can.

Secondly, do not try to get rid of inferiority complex. I doubt whether you can fully get rid of it. But instead of thinking of it as an enemy let us try to utilise it creatively. It can give you a killer instinct to win in life.

Thirdly, forget the past. It does not help you in any way to recap all the bad episodes time and again. Instead look forward with hope.

Finally, seek God’s help. You might be having anger against God for allowing all those negatives in your life. Agreed, you have every right to feel so.

But he is still standing there to help. Therefore ask for help. He will use all that darkness in your life to build character in you.

Beyond all this, if you allow it, God can bless others through the brokenness in your life. It might take a long time, but he will also make the burden of your memories light!

In conclusion, let me tell you that inferiority complex is not a problem that is solved in a moment’s time. Sometimes it can be a lifelong battle. Those who are suffering from inferiority complex need not lose heart if the struggle seems too long drawn out. There is yet hope. Do not despise yourself. But be thankful that you can still make a positive and creative difference in the lives of others in spite of struggling with feelings of inferiority!

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

“The LORD is my shepherd. . . . he restores my soul”

— Psalm 23:1, 3.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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