Speech on How to Make Studies Interesting for Your Children

Children love to play. Studies are boring to them. But they need to study anyway. And here are some tips to make studies interesting for children.

The first step to make studies interesting for children is to make them believe in a dream. Often parents would love to impose their dreams on children. Sometimes it works out; but often it might not. If parents can try to understand the talent, passion, and ambition of the child, they can possibly help him or her understand in what area of life he or she will excel in. And then tie their studies to that dream.

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The second step to make stduies intersting for children is to make them have a learning methodology which is fun. Just for an example, what if questions are asked in a professional quiz format with audio visual rounds and other stuff it is made of and rewards given at the end! Or what if the child is asked to take a class to parents or siblings on the topic studied in as creative ways as possible! Teach your children how to make an attempt at inter-disciplinary learning early in life by showing them analogies from other branches of study.

The third step to make studies interesting for children is to help them understand the importance and habit of preparing summary notes from the texts they learn from. The notes can include their own version of shorthand, symbolic representations, tree diagrams, flow charts and so on. Along with that they should be taught how to effectively retrieve information from these notes taken. This resource can be time-saving as well as enable scoring of high marks in examinations.

The last step and perhaps the most important step is to never compare your child with anyone else. Not even their siblings. This is absolutely negative, destructive and of no use. Give allowances for mistakes and failures. And keep on affirming that you believe in your children and that they will come up in life with flying colours.

One day they will make you proud with their achievements and thank you for believing in them.

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