Do You Thirst for More?

Thirst! That one thing on which a huge industry of bottled drinks from purified water to carbonated soft drinks thrive globally. Billions of dollars roll hands on thirst alone. But thirst also is one word which stands for an ocean of desires.

Let me suggest four types of thirst that motivates people:

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One, thirst for personal glory. Right from getting the first rank in school to winning an olympic gold; from making money to wielding power; from being appreciated by friends to having many likes, fans, and followers on social media; most lives are characterized by thirst for personal glory.

Two, thirst for personal vengeance. Without doubt, many of us harbour resentments, hurts, jealousy, and the desire to see those who created trouble for us go down. We might not kill but we might make fun, slander, criticize, and gossip. Honestly, it is good to audit our hearts and open it up for a search to find what it contains.

Three, thirst for God. At some point in time, most people wonder about the meaning of life. When they find themselves in situations like in a desert experience, forsaken by others, they cry out to God. Jesus responded to this thirst by declaring: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”1

Fourthly, and finally, thirst for pleasure and entertainment. It can be mass entertainment, it can be solo in secret, it can be cruel, it can be fun, it can be hobbies or sports; life for many is defined and dominated by thirst for pleasure.

I have just mentioned four motivations of thirst in our human lives. But there are many more. Thirst continues in every human life. Yet no complete satisfaction comes in any human life until God is welcomed to meet your ocean of thirst with living water he alone can gift you with!

Featured image: Johnny McClung (Unsplash)
1John 7:37

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