Is God Dead?

It is easy to say God is dead. Atheists believe that there is no God. There might be logic in their argument. Questions like: “If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in this world?” or “Why do people who profess to believe in God, do wrong things?” or “Isn’t it enough that I just be living a good life; trying to help others and not doing harm?” do not have easy answers.

Having said that, let me try to raise a few concerns.

The first one is the reality of death.

Man is busy trying to explain origins dating back to billions of years. But while they are proposing theories; the reality of cold dark death bites. Why death?

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Secondly, most human beings wear dress.

Forget about fashions; but think of normal wear. Why this distinction? If man is a social animal as many love to term it; why is man different from all other animals, birds, and reptiles in this regard? Isn’t it that the shame of the original sin in the Garden of Eden is haunting all men and women even today?

Thirdly, man thinks. And he expresses his thoughts through words.

As Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “Language is the dress of thought.” But why so many languages in the world. Well, the world had one speech and language at the dawn of human history. Was it not God who scattered men all around the world by confusing their languages because of man’s rebellion against him?

Finally, let me end with love.

I do agree that love has been corrupted much. But then you will all agree that love is that which affirms us that we belong. It is love that reduces friction and makes hope-filled waiting possible. Who put love within man’s heart in the first place? If not God, then who? So then, Is God Who Gave You Life, Dead?

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