Be Still As Your Success Mantra

“Be still” as your success mantra is easily said than done. Being still is not about switching off one’s mind and thinking; but bringing God into the driver’s seat of one’s mind. It is not a one-time action; but a constant attitude that shows reliance and dependence upon God and his wisdom in the affairs of our lives.

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“Be still” is a command God gives and is much more than just a success mantra. He expects us to pause our worries and trust him for results. Obeying the command “be still,” is like a farmer having done all his hard work and waiting for the crops. There is nothing to do but trust that all will come out well.

“Be still” is however difficult to obey because we always like to be part of the action. But God knows that there are situations where the best thing for us to do is NOT to interfere in what he is trying to do. God’s delays might be to prepare us for the blessing ahead. But if we act without being still; it can be like a child splashing paint on to the canvas on which his Artist Dad has almost completed a perfect work of art. 

“Be still” is also difficult for us because we do not trust God’s goodness. We do not wish to put our entire reliance on God. It is like God sending us an aircraft to fly. But we prefer to drive a car the whole way because we simply find it hard to believe that God is keenly interested in leading and guiding us in ways that are best for us. 

Finally, let me conclude by saying that the ability to “be still” leads us to know God better. Let me also remind you that being still is not passive waiting. Instead it is an eager expectation on our part to see God act on our behalf. At the same time we should avoid to engineer people or situations in our human wisdom which can easily fail to see God’s higher purpose. Therefore a success mantra you can trust is to “be still.”

This post is inspired by the Bible verse where God speaks saying, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)
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