1 Minute Speech for Children on the Hobby of Stamp Collection

A postal stamp is a small piece of paper but having great worth. It has created one of the most popular hobbies in the world—the art of stamp collection which falls under the term philately.

Of course its nearest relative is the hobby of coin collection—numismatics.

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Philatelists are there among the young and the old. Through this hobby history can come alive, one can learn about countries of the world, national leaders, monuments, tourist spots, animals, birds, and flowers specific to certain regions and countries.

Special commemorative stamps are a collector’s delight. One learns to organize stamps as his collection grows.

Stamps have the great quality of stickiness to purpose. It goes along with the envelope until it is delivered. So a collector of stamps is actually treasuring the journey the stamp had had.

Philately is a serious hobby. It can lead you to a world of knowledge that informs, educates, entertains and inspires at the same time.

Widely known as the “King of hobbies,” stamp collection can be a thing of beauty and joy for all.


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