God Says, “As a Mother Comforts Her Child, So Will I Comfort You!”

A mother comforting her child is the picture God has used to tell us that he cares.

A mother’s comfort is not just about calming our troubled minds. That is just a starting point. More of it is about her presence nearby which gives us a sense of belonging, an assurance of security, and a knowledge that someone understands what one is passing through.

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A mother’s comfort is not just about a few words of comfort. It is a pointing to life ahead, a whisper of courage that you can go on, a proclamation of hope that you can dream again, and a call to build once again from all that is broken down in your life.

Yes, this is the triumph of the motherlike love of God. He holds us near in his loving embrace. In your troubles he knows that you are helpless. Like a hen gathering her chicks under her wings, you too will find a place of safety and refuge there.

Come and experience the motherlike love of God today. Is your heart broken and you feel like giving up? Do not miss this comforting love of God.

He is watching over you. When everyone says ill of you and there is none who comes to help and all your hopes are dashed; there is God who will comfort you like a mother comforting her child.

When you experience it, you’ll know that God has not given upon you; that you are his child, and that he loves you.

He looks forward to that day when he will wipe away every tear from your eyes. But till then, he comes near to you as your Comforter in your perplexing moments and comforts you.

So dear brother/sister; just open up your heart to the comforting love of God. Do not doubt the reality of this comfort.

Blessed are you if open up to experience this comforting love of God. Yes, like a mother comforting her child God will take care of you; support you; hold your hand and carry you through as if carried on the strength of eagles’ wings!

Title inspired by Isaiah 66:13 Bible.

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