Nativity Scenes and Songs by Daniela B. Peter and Stefan B. Peter

Christmas is the story of God’s great love for all people. No one is excluded. Christmas is the true story of God becoming man and being one among us. He was born a child whom people could see and touch. He came to shed his blood on the cross and die for the sins of all. One who looks to Jesus in faith will have his sins forgiven, become a child of God, and also inherit eternal life. This is the great hope to all which the event of Christmas brought to this world.

These nativity scenes featuring Daniela B. Peter and Stefan B. Peter help us to reflect on how God brought it all come to pass.

Songs by Daniela and Stefan

One Way Jesus


Our God Is an Awesome God

God with Us

10000 Reasons (Bless the Lord O My Soul)

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

I’ve Got the Joy Joy Joy

Baby Jesus We Love You

Deep Deep Deep

God Said to Noah – The Arky Arky Song (Rise and Shine)

Every Move I Make

Father Abraham Had Many Sons

Oru Divasam Noor Addukkale (Malayalam Action Song)

Ha Ha Hallelujah

യഹോവ എൻ്റെ ഇടയനാകുന്നു—A Short Malayalam Sermon by Daniela B. Peter

യഹോവ എൻ്റെ ഇടയനാകുന്നു—A Short Malayalam Sermon by Stefan B. Peter

1 Minute Welcome Speech and Christmas Message (Kindergarten)

Short Speech on the Importance of Hiding God’s Word in Our Hearts
Poetry Recitation for School Competitions


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