Move Forward with Courage

A new year with many unknowns. Eager expectations on one side. Worry and anxiety on the other. How can I move forward with courage? is the question that might dominate your mind at this time.

Do not fear. God never asked you to walk alone or shoulder all the burden by yourself. He is willing to help you and guide you. Simply trust that he has your good in mind as you move forward.

The overflowing waters which stand as a major obstacle preventing your progress will separate to reveal a way forward when you boldly step into the waters. It will not happen if you stand on the bank wondering how it will be accomplished.

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The dry ground in the midst of the waters will be revealed only when you take the first step forward in faith. It is not by logic that it happens but by obedience to God’s command to you to step into the surging waters.

Impossibilities like what you are probably facing now are gateways to the land of the giants. You can look at them and be frightened or trust in God’s assurance, “I am with you, ” and find victory. But remember that there is no victory without battles.

Therefore look ahead to the New Year realistically. Much awaits to be accomplished. Old mindsets have to be left behind. And your mind has to be renewed. It was unbelief that defeated you so far. Now trust in God and believe you can.

It is then that the way forward will open up before. March forward and step by step claim your ground. If at any moment you falter and fall, look to God and rise up and move forward to victory.

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