The Usefulness of To Do Lists

Ideally, your day should start yesterday.
Just before you go to sleep, thank God for all the work you could do this day.
And then plan for tomorrow.
The first thing is to make a mental note of all those things you plan to do tomorrow.

Then take a piece of paper and pen. And jot down all those things that came to your mind. Make a list. Even while you write, some points you missed will come to your mind. Note down that too. Sometimes it helps to number the items as well.

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The next thing you can do is to arrange it on a time frame.

In other words put them in order according to the time in which you are supposed to do something. So your meeting with the School Principal goes up the list because that happens at 11 am compared to your going out to play which is scheduled at 5 pm in the evening.

Then classify your engagements according to priority.

It is the most difficult but extremely important task of all. Some items are low priority while others have high priority. Some matters are urgent, while others demand less attention. Once you do this part of the process of creating a list, you will know what the “must do” things are for the day.

Above all, even when your day is crammed with activity, a wise man or woman will keep a space available for some extraordinary emergencies that may arise. Emergencies need not happen, but should be included in all planning.

Let me conclude by saying that our lives are made effective by using the simple thing called “List.” It not only increases our time management capabilities; it also helps us prioritize life in the right order of importance. God first, immediate family second, career next, friends, hobbies, and recreation and so on the list can go on.

A list need not be a piece of paper alone; it can even be a small white board or even an app in your mobile. The joy of seeing items scored off from the list, perhaps with a colourful red marker or pen is worth the seeming trouble of making a list.

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Schindler’s List is a famous 1993 American movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It talks about the time of the Holocaust and how a lot of Jews were saved by Schindler who made lists to save people from destruction.

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