Your Look Matters

Your look matters. What you see is what makes you think. Looking up at the twinkling stars is what made the poet ask, “How I wonder what you are?” Likewise looking at the beautiful can trigger your imagination to see diamonds in every twinkle in the sky.

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That kind of look of wonder and imagination was in the past. Today people are hooked to what they see on the screen or in the streets. When you engage with what you see; you imagine, you think, and you act on your thoughts. So it is important to know that your look matters.

What you look at constantly can feed your mind. It can create a web which links to emotions. So it is up to you to choose what links you like to create. Remember it all starts with what you choose to see. Unlinking the hooks you have created is not easy like how you unlink when you write a piece of code. So be careful for your look matters.

There are a lot of things you cannot avoid seeing. Life is busy and your eyes and sight collide with too much visual information, entertainment, and enticement through the media too. Like there are censoring boards and editors in the movie world, you should consciously have filters in place which will weed out unwanted images and thoughts.

Otherwise, distractions can easily make you slip and fall. And it all starts with what you look at. The choice is yours. Make a wise decision not to look at what is wrong, what is tempting, and what can lead you down to a slippery path to destruction. Please God and you will have the courage to say no to the glittering things of life that appeal to your eyes. So watch what you look at; for your look matters.
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Featured image courtesy:Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash

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