Is Entertainment the Religion of the 21st century Masses?

Is entertainment the religion of the 21st century Masses? Oh, yes! Everywhere people line up to be entertained. Be it sports, films, music bands, reality shows, politics, gaming, or even religious meetings, people love to be entertained.

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No wonder people are fans of those who not only perform but also entertain. Without realising it, there is a kind of worship of heroes and heroines in all genres of popular entertainment. Therefore entertainment is a religion in itself.

These icons or celebrities of entertainment help sell tickets, build brands, promote causes, and influence popular opinion. They are active on social media too.

In fact, life for the masses revolve around their admiration for heroes and heroines. What is reflected here is a search for meaning, for belonging, and for role models. Not to mention social acceptance and a sense of identity. The religion of entertainment promises all those and delivers too.

But does it fall short of expectations? What might be missing in this pursuit of happiness is life on a higher plane. Entertainment can never satisfy beyond its immediate gratification. What then follows is a vacuum, an emptiness, a sense of craving and addiction for more entertainment.

Therefore entertainment cannot be an end in itself. Rightly viewed, it is a kind of substitution of deep longings to find meaning in life. For riches, fame, power, and success have not given men or women lasting satisfaction, ever! Neither has entertainment of any sort even if it be the best the world can offer!

So, what can possibly quench the thirst for entertainment. Perhaps one should ask, can God? If your thirst is real, then he can meet it with rivers of living water that will ultimately satisfy! But will the lights and music and cheer groups and the glitz and the glamour of entertainment—the religion of the 21st century masses—stop you from seeking further?

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