How to Turn Your Defeatist Attitude to a Victor’s Attitude

Victors, even when they have seasons of doubt, never yield to despair. Their attitude is not that of a defeatist one but one of a champion, a winner or a victor.

If at all you have a defeatist attitude here are three ways to change them to a victor’s attitude:

First of all, stop telling stories of doubt, negativity and hopelessness. They only feed the spirit of despair already filling your mind with darkness. Instead start to talk hope and possibilities and you will see closed doors open and light shine. That is a victors attitude in action.

Secondly, think on the big picture of your life. Do you wish a season of darkness to make you see your whole life as a failure? Surely not; isn’t it? So, look for ways you can leverage the lessons of your dark days to inspire and motivate you to achieve. You still can finish strong in spite of stumbling. That will take the sting out of your defeatist attitude and make you a victor.

Thirdly, if you have placed your trust and confidence in God, look at the One who stands by your side to fight for you. He is El Gibbor, Mighty God. 1So do not look at your smallness, do not look at circumstances that threaten to defeat you but look to God who is always Victor. Do not be satisfied with just a look but fix your eyes on him to the exclusion of all else. That will energize you with his mighty power to win over your defeatist attitude and be a victor.

So let me conclude. Stop telling negative stories. Look at the big picture and seek to finish strong. Fix your eyes on God who is your El Gibbor. With these steps you will pull down mighty strongholds of defeatist attitude in your life and put on a victor’s attitude.

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1Isaiah 9:6, El Gibbor is Hebrew where Gibbor has also been translated as Hero or Powerful.
2Hebrews 12:2

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