Paper Planes and Paper Boats Are Not Just Simple Toys

A paper plane is a toy that can fly. It may not fly perfectly. But it is one that inspires a child to aim high in life and have great ambitions in life.

For the early wonder of running out of one’s house to see the thing that flies with that roaring noise is never ever lost on a child!

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A paper boat on the other hand kindles imagination. It is a simple toy when children are restricted not to play outdoors in the rain. Then they find joy in the boats they float in water.

Oh, how children clap and laugh and jump about at the little progress their boats make before they get carried away with the swirling currents!

In their mind’s eye they see them travel to far away lands and bring a lot of treasures back. Fun and high adventure like that of The Steadfast Tin Soldier* is what paper boats are all about.

Let me conclude saying, paper boats and paper planes, I wonder what they really are?

*Famous short story by Hans Christian Anderson

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