Bedtime Stories Pave the Way for Success

A child who grows up listening to bedtime stories is prepared for success in later life.

Great stories of the world not only can help a child get to know the cultures of the world, it can also help the child with developing good language and communication skills too.

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Perhaps what stories do the most is to help a child know that happiness and sadness are episodes that recur in life.

Stories prepare children to enjoy the good things in life and hold on during tough times. In that sense stories are the best training a child can have.

Stories teach us about lasting values like love and friendship, about the joy of being lost and then found, about the thrill of coming back home and finding acceptance as in the classic story of the prodigal son that Jesus told.

Above all stories give us hope. They paint for us life experiences and enable us to look at it from outside.

Each good ending helps us to hope and believe that it will turn out well for us at the end in spite of all twists and turns that happen before that.

Let me conclude by saying that life without stories is tasteless like the white of an egg. And a story a day brings happiness again!

What Better Hope in Life Do You Have Than This?

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