Speech on My Life Is like a Boat on the Seas

Hi friends,

Your life and mine is like a boat on the seas. We are sailing on. The far shores are ready to welcome you and me.

So let us spread our sails to the wind. Let us keep a steady eye. If the waters grow troubled and the night stretches long; let us anchor on hope till break of dawn.

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Therefore my friends, I ask of you to look beyond the present moment. I tell you not to lose courage. The waves might roll and the waters may become troubled; but we will sail on.

It doesn’t matter if you feel afraid and see no way ahead. Whatever happens don’t yield to despair; for though I steer the boat it is the unseen hand of God, my Captain, who guides my boat.

It is not the safety of the shore that we shall seek; but the adventure on the seas. For if my life is a boat on the seas; there is no joy in mooring it to the shore.

So sail on with me my friends; for our time is brief; our task ahead great; and our purpose true.

Thank you.

What Better Hope in Life Do You Have Than This?

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