College Day Felicitation Speech

Respected Chairman of the meeting, Chief Guest of the Day, other dignitaries on the dais, my beloved colleagues and dear students,

There are special moments and occasions in the life of every community that brings people together. Today is one such day when we remember the past one year and all the good things that came along with it.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

First of all let me congratulate all the organizers and participants of the week long celebrations and competitions concluding with the College Day. In today’s world marked by cut-throat competition, our festivities have fostered good will and sportsmanship among all.

It reminds us once again that in the final analysis it is not how many goals you scored or how many trophies you won that counts; but the spirit with which you played the game.

So winners and losers don’t matter;but what matters is how you enriched this community to have yet another bouquet of cherished memories this year. I salute all the players from staff and students who made this possible.

Secondly, College Day reminds us of what this Institution stands for. We stand for the best in academics and for unending pursuit of excellence. We uphold the value of love transformed into service and deeds of kindness. We try our best to shine a light in this world’s darkness in the hope that some poor soul somewhere may find comfort, joy and cheer.

College day reminds us of all these and above all it also is a reminder that yet another year is passing. That means we need to count our days and pray to God Almighty for wisdom to plan how to best utilize the limited time on earth that he has gifted to us.

So let me wish all of you present here the opportunity to leave your signature in the annals of our college history. I wish to remind you that however small your role here was, not one of you is insignificant. Not one of you is forgotten. You have contributed to this college in a very special way. On behalf of our Principal and all the management and staff, I wish each one of you the very best.

Even though our past is golden and our achievements are decorated with precious stones of many colours; I still believe that the best is yet to be! Let tomorrow dawn with better hopes and better dreams. Yes, we shall overcome some day, oh deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome some day. Thank you.

Jesus Is Risen!

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