1 Minute Speech for Children on the Importance of Obeying Traffic Rules

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Good morning friends,

What is that in bold and black that you notice in newspapers every morning? It is the heart-breaking news of people getting badly injured or losing their precious lives in road accidents. Sadly, accidents have become so common place.

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Why is this so? Reasons like using mobile phones while driving, careless overtaking, drinking and driving, bad conditions of roads, stray dogs, blaring loudspeakers in busy junctions, flex boards curbing visibility, not dimming lights at night, crossing speed limits, and even malfunctioning of traffic signals have all been identified as cause of accidents. These are all true.

But as children, what is our responsibility in preventing road accidents? Most importantly, we need to grow up as a generation obeying traffic rules. This is part of our civic responsibility as Indian citizens:

We need to learn to stop when the light turns red.

We need to learn to stop spitting outside from public transport.

We need to learn to use zebra lines while crossing the road.

At least we can stop throwing banana peels to the road from our cars.

Well, I agree that there is nothing new to know in all this. But we need to discipline ourselves to respect the Law and do the common sense things well. We need to discipline ourselves to wear helmets and use seat belts. We need to learn to manage our emotions and not contribute to road rage while stuck in traffic jams.

Above all, we need to learn to smile when someone raves mad at us and verbally abuse us for no valid reasons while driving. I do admit that we are not angels to do that.

Still let us strive our best to make our roads a safe place to travel.

Together, we can! Thank you.

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