Is There any Hope for Me?

Have you ever woken up with a heavy heart?

It could have been the mistakes of the previous day or the seeming hopelessness of a present situation that weighed you down then; perhaps even this day. I do not have any easy solution to your problem.… Read the rest

2 Minute Speech on Why Football Is the World’s Favourite Game!

Every four years millions in the world stay awake. They stay awake to watch the drama of World Cup Football.

Diego Maradona’s Goal of the Century. Photo courtesy:

The whistle blows and from the centre the ball is kicked. The kick off begins a series of passes, dribbles, free kicks, throw-ins, tackles gentle and wild, headers, and finally Goal!… Read the rest

1 Minute Speech on Social Media–the Little Foxes that Ruin the Vineyards!

Flowers in bloom.

In the love poems by King Solomon known as Song of Solomon or Song of Songs, he speaks about a Lover and his Beloved.

While they converse with each other, with growing love and anticipation of their wedding, the beloved says, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom (SOS 2:15).”

Written over 3000 years ago, the little foxes are more real today than ever.… Read the rest

Bishop Jesudasan–A Short Speech of Tribute

Bishop Jesudasan during prayer. 10th September 2008.

The afterglow of glorious sunsets colour the horizon with flaming hues. One such life remembered today is that of Late Most Rev. Dr. I. Jesusdasan, former Moderator of the Church of South India.

He was someone called by God to leadership from very humble beginnings in life.… Read the rest