“I, the LORD, Do Not Change!”

Change is what we see all around us. Maybe it would be more right to say that change and decay is what we see all around us. In this backdrop of flux and change comes this authoritative word from God, “I, the LORD, do not change!”1

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What does it mean? It means that God is unchanging in his holiness, in his love, and in his judgement.

First of all, there is nothing more awesome than the unchanging holiness of God. He is full of light and there is no darkness in him. Nothing in the entire universe can compare with the splendour of the holiness of God.

Secondly, there is nothing more amazing than the unchanging love of God. He so loved the world that he gave Jesus and sent him to bleed and die on the cross. That each one of us might find mercy, forgiveness and pardon for our sins; and that each one of us might find the free gift of eternal life by believing in him.

Thirdly, there is nothing more scary than the unchanging wrath and judgement of God. It is popular to believe that a loving God will not punish rebellion, disobedience and sin. But then can a God of justice leave the guilty unpunished? The only way out is to cry out for the mercy of God.

Yes, God is unchanging in his holiness. Therefore his unchanging wrath and judgement on sin fell on his innocent Son Jesus on the cross.2 This was the greatest expression of his unchanging love towards you.

“I, the LORD, do not change,” also means that he is a rock and tower of strength to those who trust in him. God can be relied on in all the changes of life because he, the LORD, does not change!

1Malachi 3:6 Bible
2“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us.” — 2 Corinthians 5:21 Bible.

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