Elected Social Service Leader of School Speaks at Her Installation Ceremony

Beloved Teachers and dear friends,

First of all let me thank all of your for placing your confidence in me and electing me as the Social Service Leader of our school.

I consider this a privilege as well as a great responsibility. At the very outset let me seek your cooperation in dreaming big as well as achieving something noble for the good of the less privileged of the society. I cannot do anything alone, but together we can.

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All that we need is a real honest desire to help others. Together with God’s blessings and the help and encouragement of our school management and teachers we can certainly plan and implement a few projects that will help the needy in society.

If I have a message for you this day, it is this that every single rupee counts. The help we give is far more than charity. Know that our efforts are going to help the the downtrodden, the marginalized, the orphans and the poor widows to live with dignity.

Each one of your efforts counts significantly towards the achieving of this goal. A kind attitude, a helping hand, a giving heart, and a we-can-do-it team spirit will go miles to get things done. Let me repeat again, alone I cannot; but together we can. Thank you one and all.

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