A Speech for School Children on the Problem of Stray Dogs

Stray Dog in Market StreetStray Dog in Market Street

Dear friends, animal lovers, and all responsible citizens,

What is your stand on the problem of stray dogs? Let me assume that as an animal lover you would like to protect stray dogs. That is good. There is nothing wrong with such a stand for no one is advocating cruelty against animals.

But what if one stray dog bites you? Or worse still, as happened recently in Kerala, what if a pack of stray dogs tears one of your family members to a horrible death? Will you have the same stand on stray dogs after such a nightmarish and hellish experience?

Do not be angry with me. My point is still the same—No one is advocating cruelty against animals. Instead, my argument is that human life, created in the image and likeness of God the Creator, has far more dignity any day, anywhere, than all the animals of the world combined.

Now let me call your attention to comments made by a few animal lovers without any sense of compassion and sympathetic understanding of the constant threat the common man faces from stray dogs. They act worse than beasts when they make casual remarks in support of stray dogs that tear human beings to shreds and pieces including innocent children and elderly people.

How can they be blind to the bloody reality of the ordeal? Have they seen how people die who are bitten by dogs with rabies? It is the worst kind of death imaginable. Such a death is one of extreme horror which no one can watch without being terribly affected by the sight.

Stray dog feeding on meat thrown to it

Stray dog feeding on meat thrown to it

Now what is the cause of the problem of stray dogs? Several reasons have been suggested. One definitely is the
improper disposal of garbage. Stray dogs are breeding in plenty because they get enough food in the streets. Some people even throw food to stray dogs on a regular basis. Isn’t this showing love without ownership or responsibility? What do you think?

Recently someone suggested that animal lovers should take responsibility for stray dogs. Either they should show their true love by at least taking one stray dog into their homes or finding common shelters for them. Or at least they should have the kindness to support the family of persons who have been bitten by stray dogs.

Dear friends, have you noted one common pattern. No one takes ownership of stray dogs when it bites; because stray dogs do not have owners. Only when people kill dangerous dogs for their own safety do many make a loud hue and cry against it. Isn’t it inhumane that in spite of the trauma that people have passed through on account of stray dog bites, animal lovers still raise their voices for stray dogs? Can people be blind to human misery like this? This is an extremely sad state of affairs!

Remember I just mentioned about dog bites. Many innocent people who travel on motorbikes are killed on the roads in accidents caused by stray dogs running across their vehicle’s paths.

Another idea that has been put forward to control stray dogs is the proposal to sterilize them. Many are arguing in favour of and against this as well.

Whatever be the merit of the idea, one awful truth remains. If sterilized dogs bite, the bites are as painful and terror-striking as dogs that have not been sterilized. I wonder how many more human beings including the elderly and innocent children have to be mercilessly bitten by blood-hunting stray dogs before the authorities will take action?

Now let me conclude. What is more important? Human life? Or the lives of stray dogs? If you are asked to vote for one of these, what will you choose? Human life? Or stray dogs? Think about it.





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