Give Me This Mountain

Mountains are heights that can be scaled or they can seem difficult or impossible to climb. But mountains are meant to be conquered. They inspire you to bring out the best in you.

To conquer the mountains, you need to set your sights on the summit. It should become your constant dream. Every lesser goal should blur and disappear from your mind’s eye. Focus sharply on the summit. Its conquest should alone become your single passion in life. In simple words, have a steady look up.

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To conquer the mountains, you need to have faith. A faith that will carry you through difficult times when hope seems lost. This kind of faith will not look at yourself and see weaknesses but it will look up to God and say, “With God, and in his mighty strength, I am enabled to do this.” Like a little sparrow perching on a mighty eagle’s spread out wings, this kind of faith will help you climb the heights and conquer.

To conquer the mountains, you need to have positive influencers around you. Not a breed of negative thinkers and those who see giants everywhere. See, when you attempt to do what the common man does not even dream of doing; there will be lot of naysayers. Listening to them can weaken your resolve; drain your strength; and make you quit. So have people around you who will energize you to conquer.

To conquer the mountains, you need to prepare, persist, and persevere. You have to sweat and toil. You have to go through boring routines without loss of enthusiasm. There is no time to think on past victories and relax. The journey is always ahead. It is a climb up.

Finally, let me remind you that each one of you might have given up the conquering of a mountain in life looking at all that is against you. Now it is time to reject that giving up attitude. Rise up from your bed of despair. Take the first step forward. And then even when your strength seems to sap. you will find the shadow of the Almighty walking beside and breathing hope into you. Therefore say with confidence, “Now, give me this mountain.” It shall be yours!

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