I Am a ? Balloon: 1 Minute Speech for Kindergarten Kids

I am a Balloon. Children love me. I make them laugh when I fly.

I am so much a child’s delight that at the sound of a burst, oh how heart-broken is the cry!

Daniela Stefan Plane Cock Hydrogen Balloons
Stefan and Daniela playing with plane and cock hydrogen balloons

I am the simplest of toys. Yet what else can match with the flight of joy, the leap of hearts, the waves of laughter and the bubbling memories I do create in life!

Blood Jesus Cleanse

See, my friends, you need not be born in a palace to make it big in life. If you have a will to touch the skies, you can rise above from what pulls you down and fly.

And it is not in the colour or shape that the secret lies, but the faith and confidence you have on the inside. That is what makes you and me fly.

But above all, let me end by saying that I am the best gift that can make any child smile.

Jesus Is Risen!

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