365 Words One Long Sentence Speech: Your Ultimate Destiny!

Ultimate Destiny

One long sentence begins with the thought that has crossed each of our minds when we looked up at the twinkling stars at night in our childhood and we started thinking on how it all began and how the universe came to be without man’s effort because he was not there when with just the spoken word God created the world in all its variety and beauty and order until there was that little bit of rebellion which cut off and separated man from the presence of God and it was so sad and tragic and brought death’s curse over the world which showcase God’s wisdom and power and love and care and it all seemed to end in failure when God promised that a Man would come as a child one day to bring back peace between God and sinners which became the good news for which the world waited for centuries until the Word became flesh and lived among us and faced the increasing hostility of men which finally made them nail him to a wooden cross on top a hill where he bled and died for the forgiveness of your sins and rose again from the dead the third day to live forevermore to gift eternal life to all those who would trust and believe in him which tells us that there is hope for each one of us and life will continue with you finding joy in heaven and living in the presence of God and angels and seeing the face of God only if you repent and believe the good news failing which you go to hell where the fire never stops burning and worms do not die as Jesus said which is a reality that will be your ultimate destiny if you deliberately turn away from God’s love shown you on the cross for then nothing else remains but the wrath and judgement of God falling on you which you cannot escape but can if you choose the love of God for there is no condemnation or eternal punishment for those who trust in Jesus Christ the Son of God who loved you and bled to death for you.… Read the rest

“Come, Follow Me.”

From where you stand
You can’t travel far.
For you’re still holding on
And you won’t let go.

But there lies ahead
The seas and oceans you can sail.… Read the rest

Our Helper in Prayer

It is amazing that prayer often comes last in the list when we are in trouble. Isn’t it because we forget that we have a Helper who helps us to pray?… Read the rest

When God Walks In

Into the locked room he came in; just like that!

Suddenly, the men who were in fear; saw Jesus.

The Crucified One.… Read the rest

“Hosanna”—Meet Your King!

Emperors and generals have ridden into cities in triumphal processions in the annals of human history. But none of them have captured the imagination of the masses or have had such enduring appeal to people across all cultures and nations like the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday two thousand years ago amidst the cries of “Hosanna.”… Read the rest