Step Out of Your Blues

The future might look uncertain; but what is certain is that the future will come. So how about getting up from that bed of discouragement and fatalism and put your shoulder to the work at hand.

The best way to get out of the blues is to do something and get active however small or insignificant what you do appears to be.

You need not try to take a detailed account of every mistake or every plan that was never launched. Instead take some time to recollect something you had done well. And think of how to excel that performance.

For it is in pushing beyond your best past performances and rising above your limitations that true test of character is found. Such efforts involve most certainly the possibility of failure and more surely the ridicule of lesser mortals.

But friends, your opportunity is now. It is yours when the wind is against you and strongest; and the night at its darkest. With trust in God and with commitment to finish well tasks halfway done, it is surely time to wake up from despair and make your life count.

Let light shine again!

“There is not enough
darkness in all the world
to put out the light
of one small candle”

— Derick Bingham, Reading for July 9, Waiting For God.

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